1. Several articles I have written can be found at ElonaShelley.com.
  2. Stepping Stones to Joy is a work in progress. Subscribers to my blog will be notified when it is available.
  3. Confessions of a Molly Mormon: Trading Perfectionism for Peace, Fear for Faith, Judging for Joy (2013) tells of Elona’s struggle with perfectionism, and explains how having a gay son helped her transform from a guilty, depressed Mormon to a free and joyful Mormon. The chapter titles allude to feelings she once tried to hide so that she could appear to be the perfect Molly Mormon. Such chapters as “God and his tattletale angels,” “Using the iron rod as a weapon of self-destruction,” “You can only watch Johnny Lingo so many times,” and “Let the hunger pains begin,” have caused  readers to laugh, cry and rejoice in the love and mercy of the Savior.  This little book will inspire you again and again as you walk with Elona along the path of freedom, peace, faith and joy.  At ElonaShelley.com you can see the covers, read the introduction, listen to an interview with Carole Mikita of KSL Radio, see the press release, and find out where it is available.

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  1. Lindy

    I have recently read your book ‘Confessions of a Molly Mormon’. I admit I was hesitant to read it initially as I have never liked the term Molly Mormon but I’m so glad that I did. I loved your insight into the struggles we can have as we seek to draw near to our Father in Heaven and keep His commandments and as we sometimes misinterpret what the Lord expects of us.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this book and share your experiences, it has enriched me and I hope that it will also enrich those who I share this book with.


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