Can you believe it? Elona Shelley has a blog!

I never thought I would find myself blogging! Change doesn’t often come easily for me, and as recently as a few months ago I declined the services a professional blogger offered to help me get started. The first time I was exposed to the word “blog” I commented that just saying it made me feel like something was stuck in my throat. Perhaps that was an omen!  I now see blogging as a means of sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings that would otherwise remain stuck in my throat, or rather in my mind and heart.

Publishing my book, Confessions of a Molly Mormon: Trading Perfectionism for Peace, Fear for Faith,  Judging for Joy, opened amazing new vistas and thrust me into a world which I didn’t anticipate entering. Though I must admit I entered this new world kicking and screaming, I am aware that the Spirit often encourages us to take a leap of faith into a disquieting courage zone. In spite of my earlier resistance, I think I’m finally ready to take the leap into blogging as part of embracing my new world.  Many thanks go to those who are supporting my efforts and cheering me on.

The topics I blog about will be a refelection of my thoughts and experiences along life’s path as a confirmed Molly Mortal. They will most likely make frequent reference to the enticing call of the Molly Mormon trap which once robbed my life of many God-intended joys. Being a recovering perfectionist is fabulous! Not only does it remind me to keep life in perspective, it provides me with countless opportunities to savor the wondrous richness of this mortal life. Thank you for sharing in this ongoing adventure.

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