Elona K. Shelley

author of
Confessions of a Molly Mormon:
Trading Perfectionism for Peace, Fear for Faith, Judging for Joy

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Elona Knighton Shelley spent her childhood in Moore, Idaho, a small farming community in the heart of the Lost River Valley. After attending three years of college at the University of Idaho, she served a mission in Central America. She attended BYU where she met and married Monte Shelley. As an elementary school teacher she was responsible for a diverse group of fourth graders. She gave birth to her first child seven days after his due date and three days after school got out. Since then she has focused her life studies on mothering, grand-mothering, caring for aging parents, serving joyfully, and getting to know God better.

Elona is grateful for the callings she has had in Relief Society and Young Women. Those years of service have helped her become aware of many who experience similar feelings to her own. Besides the things discussed in Confessions of a Molly Mormon, Elona’s spirit is also nurtured by the outdoors, good books, and sharing thoughts and feelings with anyone who wants to chat.

Today Elona and her husband, Monte, enjoy living in Orem, Utah where they welcome a steady stream of family and friends into their home.